Our People and Passion

What Makes Ten16 Different

Our Story

Ten16's name has a special history.  When asked for their thoughts, the first people staying at our new halfway house wanted a name that promoted anonymity and protected privacy.  The inspiration came from the local sheriff serving on the founding task force.  At the time, the police used "ten codes" in their radio communication to road patrol officers.  A "10-16" meant there was an open door at the scene.  The street address of our house had that same number.  So it became the 1016 Home - always having an open door to anyone who was wanting a life of recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

Our Philosophy

The game of life is not child's play!  It is hard, often filled with hurts and disappointments.  This can lead to many people trying to escape through the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.  Substance use disorders are recognized as treatable health problems affecting a person's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  There is a better way of living, a way to handle life on life's terms - both the bad and the good.  It is a journey that is best done in community, in the company of others who understand the road you are on and can help keep you on a road of recovery and wellness.

Our Vision and Values

At Ten16 Recovery Network, we are passionate about helping people live full lives; free from relying on alcohol and other drugs.  This is why we do everything that we do.  We know that when people, discontent in their present situation, are equipped to take the proven steps toward a better way of living that real change is possible.  Therefore, no matter how alcohol and other drugs are impacting a community or person's life, we will strive to have effective programs that activate positive change.