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One in ten adults struggles with alcohol or other drugs, but only 10% of those folks ever come to a place like Ten16. We’re taking action to reach the other 90%, bringing a message of hope and recovery.

Bringing hope to people across Mid Michigan

Why do so few of the people who struggle with alcohol or other drugs ever visit a place like Ten16?

Most of them don’t believe that their problem is bad enough to need professional help. If you ask their family or friends, you might get a different answer.

Rather than waiting for the missing 90% to show up at our doorstep, Ten16 is taking a message of hope to other places where they may end up.

This gives us an opportunity to talk with people about their current relationship with alcohol and drugs—without shame, judgment or confrontation.

Through outreach, we invite people to explore whether they would like to make a change and, if they do, connect them with places and resources to help.

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The interaction, support, and follow-up is what I like best. It is really hard to interact in this same way with the doctors and nurses and feel like they care in the same way. The nurses and doctors also don’t have the ability to follow-up once we leave the hospital. Feeling supported for the last couple months has really meant a lot.

- Ten16 Client, Project ASSERT
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[The staff are] very thorough about covering all aspects of recovery.

- Ten16 Client, Project ASSERT

In action: Project ASSERT

A good example of Ten16’s outreach is the Project ASSERT program.

Project ASSERT was created by Boston Medical Center over 30 years ago. ASSERT is short for Alcohol and Substance Use Services, Education, and Referral to Treatment.

Through this program, we talk with over 1,000 patients each year. We often talk with their family members, too.

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The Project ASSERT process

1. Screening

Ten16’s Wellness Advocate begins a non-judgmental conversation about how alcohol and other drugs are impacting the patient’s life.

2. Conversation

If helpful, our Wellness Advocate will invite the patient to have a deeper conversation about making changes in their life.

3. Plan

We help the patient create a Plan for Change, which represents the first, simple steps toward positive life changes.

Ten16’s outreach locations

Through Project ASSERT, Ten16 has staff in the Emergency Department at several local hospitals across mid-Michigan, including:

  • Ascension Health: Standish
  • MyMichigan Medical Center: Clare, Gladwin, Alma, Midland, Mt Pleasant, West Branch
  • Spectrum Hospital: Big Rapids, Reed City

They may not work out of our own locations, but these staff members are central to Ten16’s mission of promoting recovery and wellness at all stages.

Interested in having Ten16 staff provide behavioral health services at your hospital? Become a partner.

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How can Ten16 help you?

If you’re concerned about a loved one or would like outreach programming for your organization, please fill out this form! We’ll get back to you within one business day.