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Ten16 offers sober living housing in Central Michigan for both men and women. Grow in your recovery with peers who share your priorities! To inquire about living in sober housing, please download the application.

Support, accountability & fellowship in recovery

Ten16 operates two recovery houses in Midland, MI:

  • The Eastman House is located near downtown Midland and has space for 14 men. Take a video tour!
  • The Haley House is located near Midland’s Community Center has space for 7 women. Take a video tour!

Our Central Michigan sober living housing offers the structure and support needed to nurture your recovery over the long term. To ensure the highest standards, our houses are accredited by MARR.

You’ll be living in a tight-knit community with a strong common bond: the desire to grow in recovery and to be free to live on your own terms.

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This is by far the best recovery housing I’ve been to.

It’s clean, we have dinner, we have bonfire meetings sometimes.

- Ten16 Client, Recovery Housing
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They are fair and understand, and I can be open and honest with everyone there. I feel safe and comfortable.

- Ten16 Client, Recovery Housing

What to know about recovery housing

Ten16’s goal with our Midland sober living housing is to create a supportive, substance-free environment in which you can thrive and grow.

To help maintain that environment, we ask that you understand the following policies:

  • Shared leadership. Our sober homes are managed and led together by Ten16 staff and residents. A Ten16 Recovery Coach is available for individual and group support, and a designated House Manager (a current resident) provides day-to-day in-home leadership. Any resident issues will be resolved together with these two leaders.
  • Substance-free living. Ten16 has a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use, and due to our unique staffing model, we are unable to accommodate residents on controlled substances (including prescribed medications). Our sober living house residents share a commitment to sobriety and agree to random testing.
  • Active recovery. Residents must maintain active participation and attendance with a 12-Step or alternative recovery program as well as outpatient counseling with Ten16 staff. Both homes are located near several 12-Step meetings.
  • Communal decision-making. Our Midland recovery houses are designed for community, accountability, and shared responsibility. As part of that model, current residents play a role in approving applicants and making other decisions.

What is a sober living house?

A sober living house provides structure, support, and community to help you maintain your recovery. Sober living houses are sometimes called “transitional housing” or “halfway homes” as well. Ten16’s sober living homes are located in Midland, MI, with one facility for men and one facility for women.

How long can I stay?

There is a two-year maximum of staying in recovery housing.

How do I apply for recovery housing?

You can fill out the application and email it or stop into the Midland Outpatient site to pick up a paper application. Fill it out and turn it back into staff. Our house manager will contact you to interview you about recovery housing, and if the interview goes well and you are approved, staff will set up a date for you to move in.

What is the bed capacity for recovery housing?

Currently our Men’s recovery house can hold 13 men, and our Women’s recovery house holds 7 at capacity.

Does my insurance pay for recovery housing?

If you are covered by Medicaid or the Healthy Michigan Plan, there are state dollars that will help to cover housing costs for the first 90 days you are in housing. After the first 90 days, rent is paid weekly at $125. No security deposit needed to move in.

Can I take prescribed medications that are considered controlled substances?

No, Ten16 does not allow any controlled substances on site.

Ten16 values our philosophy of being abstinence-oriented, and it is critical to maintain a sense of safety for all who are living in the recovery house. Many of medications that qualify have been misused or abused by individuals in the program. We do not want to create undue triggers or temptations.

Because the staffing model for a recovery home doesn’t allow for the safe, secure storage of controlled substance, nothing that would be considered mood- and/or mind-altering or has the potential to be habit-forming would be allowed in our recovery housing. If you are under a doctor’s care for a medication that is considered a controlled substance, then we can assist you with finding a facility that is better equipped to accommodate that medication. Alternatively, you can discuss with your doctor whether there are alternative medications you might take.

If you’re interested in moving into our sober living housing in Midland, MI, please fill out an application. If you have questions, contact us any time at to set up a free consultation.