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We can help you find the path of recovery! Through outpatient counseling, you’ll get access to quality treatment services while still being able to keep your responsibilities to work and home. Start with a confidential call from the Ten16 team.

What is outpatient counseling?

“Outpatient” simply means you receive treatment on a drop-in basis; you are not admitted to a facility to stay. For counseling with Ten16, this means you schedule an appointment, show up for the session, and then go about your day.

Outpatient treatment can vary in intensity and frequency depending on how alcohol and other drugs are impacting a person’s life.

Our caring staff use group and individual therapy to help a person explore the way they think, how they feel, and what they can do to promote change in their life.

All of our counseling facilities follow the Recovery Center model! It’s not a clinical office; instead, you’ll find a warm environment where you’re free to drop by, have a coffee, use a computer, and relax.

Group counseling with men and women of different backgrounds

More about our approach

Integrated treatment and support

We use a core of evidence-based practices framed in an abstinence-based approach enhanced by peer support.

We firmly believe that experience, strength and hope of those in long-term recovery are a necessary compliment to treatment.

The programs are individualized to meet the client’s needs and motivation to change. A person who thrives in counseling has the supports needed to help them maintain sobriety as they develop their recovery skills.

Integrated mental health services

It is not uncommon for issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress to be present along with a substance use disorder. The best approach is to work on these co-occurring mental health issues at the same time a person is working to heal their substance use disorder.

Our counselors are familiar with the interplay of mental health and addiction and help you find a positive path forward.

Supporting your recovery beyond counseling

At Ten16, we take a holistic approach and know that lasting recovery depends on many different factors, not just rehab or counseling.

While our outpatient counseling naturally focuses on sessions with licensed therapists, we provide many different support services too, too:

  • All of our outpatient facilities are also Recovery Centers, where you’re free to stop by any time! Use a computer, relax inside, and be with sober people.
  • We can connect with you with the natural supports and recovery resources in your own life and community, such as 12-step programs or alternative support groups.
  • We offer Recovery Housing for both men and women. If you’re interested in living with other people growing in recovery, learn about our sober houses and apply.
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Do you treat anything other than drugs and alcohol?

Yes, all of our clinicians are able to work in a variety of therapeutic areas and subjects – each have their own specific expertise. However, our primary focus will always be on substance use disorders.

Does Ten16 outpatient complete driver's evaluations?

No, we are not able to complete driver’s evaluations. We are able to provide referrals to local agencies that are able to provide this service. For a referral, please contact your local outpatient location. You can find the phone numbers on our Locations page.

Does Ten16 outpatient offer evening or weekend sessions?

Outpatient services are available during the week, and most sites will have some evening hours available, depending on the location. You can see each site’s hours of operation by going to our Locations page and clicking any individual location.

Does Ten16 outpatient offer telehealth or in-person sessions?

We provide both! Ten16 believes that treatment is best when individuals are involved with community. We are able to accommodate needs for telehealth on a case-by-case basis, but we do require that all individuals present in-person for their initial assessment. We find individuals experience more robust and quality treatment through engaging with others on similar journeys.

Can I just walk in and get an assessment for outpatient?

Local sites welcome individuals to walk in and receive drop-in services, which include peer supports and assistance if needed in linking to outpatient or residential services. In general, you will contact our Central Screener to determine the level of care needed and appropriate referrals. The number for this is 989-631-0241.

How does Ten16 outpatient handle confidentiality?

Your privacy is important to us! Ten16 Recovery Network is HIPAA and CFR 42 Part 2 compliant. Our privacy guidelines and expectations are explained during the intake process and every client is encouraged to complete a consent form upon entering services. The consent forms allow us to communicate for and on behalf of the client should they so choose. Clients have the right to dictate who (insurance agencies, emergency contacts, lawyers, probation officers, doctors, CPS, etc.) and what information is shared. In certain circumstances we are required by law to give out certain information without written consent. These situations include if a crime is committed on the premises, suspected elder or child abuse or neglect, or if there is a medical emergency. Even then, your information would only be given out as it pertained to the situation.

How long is outpatient treatment?

Individuals frequently want to know what the length or duration of treatment is. That short answer is, it depends. At Ten16 we strive to provide the best person-centered treatment we can. What that means is that individuals come into treatment with varying needs. We work hard to guide our clients as they work in treatment to accomplish those needs through treatment planning and goal setting. Each client will compose individualized treatment plans that are reviewed every 90 days or sooner if needed. Progress will be assessed throughout the entirety of treatment. It is your right to speak up at any time about your length of treatment and discuss this with your primary therapist. Things we assess as progress include attendance, attitude in treatment, personal growth, and progress on set treatment goals. These things will help gauge how long treatment should be.

Does Ten16 outpatient take clients who are on MAT? Do you provide MAT services?

We welcome clients that are participating in MAT for outpatient services when they are receiving medications from a prescriber. Ten16’s aim is to assist clients in reaching their long-term goal of abstinence. Clients can receive services as long as there is no duplication of services with another agency. We do not prescribe medications, but we are able to make referrals to other providers.

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