Get to know the Ten16 story!

Ten16’s name has a special history.

Back in the 1970s, the first residents of our new halfway house wanted a name that promoted anonymity and protected privacy. Inspiration came from a local sheriff serving on the founding task force.

At the time, the police used “ten codes” in their radio communication to road patrol officers. A “10-16” meant there was an open door at the scene. The street address of our recovery house just so happened to have that same number.

So it became the 1016 Home—always having an open door to anyone wanting a life of recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Today, we’ve grown beyond that single recovery house, but our spirit and commitment haven’t changed at all. If you are wondering how to stop drinking or using and are ready to live a freer life, we’re here for you.

House with open door
Meet Ten16 staff

Our team is a big part of our story!

Meet Cher Prevention Coordinator, Mt Pleasant

I like what I do as a Prevention Coordinator because it gives me the opportunity to work with youth, which is exciting, challenging, and inspiring. The youth have a lot to teach me as well! It is rewarding to see the maturity and insight that the youth have already although not fully developed mentally, physically, emotionally.

Prevention work has given me the opportunity to empower people to change their lives for the better. The youth I work with give me a brighter perspective.

Meet Greg Recovery Coach, Saginaw

I love working at Ten16 because to receive help is a great thing. I have had those feelings that come from doing good, changing one’s lifestyle and achieving a mental prosperity that gives life new meaning—and I want to help clients achieve those.

I heard about Ten16 from clients who had been involved with the program and every person described it as being great organization that cares about its people.

Meet Amanda Recovery Navigator, Residential Treatment Midland

Working for Ten16 has made me feel a part of an amazing team living in the solution.

Meet Steve Wellness Advocate, Big Rapids

My name is Steve Graber, and I have been working the past 6+ yrs with Ten16’s Project ASSERT. When someone at the hospital may be having trouble with substance use, I go and have a conversation with them. If they are interested in making changes, I become a resource person, able to connect them with the appropriate treatment options available to them.

As a person in long-term recovery myself, I find this work very rewarding and an opportunity to give back to individuals who may be as lost as I was. I “speak their language,” and my coworkers at Ten16 are supportive, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people find their own path to recovery from addiction.

Meet Alyssa Outpatient Therapist, Midland

I really enjoy getting to know people, helping them to better understand themselves, assisting them in creating meaning and purpose. I believe the more we know about ourselves and how things work, the better able we are to make conscious decisions and changes in our lives.

I’ve been with Ten16 for 3.5 years, and I love working here because this is an agency where I have not had to fight for the value and worth of my clients as people. We recognize the clients we serve as valuable members of the community.

A long history serving Central Michigan

  • 1979: Thanks to the vision of nine local churches, working with a community task force, Ten16 Recovery Network was established as an independent nonprofit agency. Initially, we offered an 11-bed halfway house in Midland.
  • 1980s: Ten16 expanded into an 15-bed co-ed residential treatment facility.
  • 1995: We opened an outpatient counseling office in Midland to increase our impact and help more people at more stages of their recovery journeys.
  • 1999: We added prevention to our growing list of recovery services.
  • 2000: We opened a small satellite office in Mt. Pleasant.
  • 2004: Ten16 acquired Mt. Pleasant Counseling Services, expanding our presence in Isabella County.
  • 2006: We added a 6-bed detox facility. (Today, however, detox is provided by a partner agency in coordination with Ten16.)
  • 2007: Due to the untimely closing of another counseling agency in 2007, we opened counseling and prevention offices in Clare, Gladwin, and Big Rapids. We also added recovery support services to our Midland office.
  • 2011: Thanks to the generosity of several foundations in Midland, we built a new 20-bed residential treatment facility on a 19-acre horse farm on M20, 4 miles from downtown Midland. Our inpatient rehab program moved here over Christmas 2011.
  • 2013: With space newly available after our rehab program moved, in May 2013, we opened two recovery houses: a 14-bed home for men (the Eastman House) and a 7-bed home for women (the Haley House).
  • 2014: We started a pilot program for supported employment out of our Midland office.
  • 2015: We pioneered a new Recovery Center model with the introduction of the Center for Recovery & Wellness in Midland and Big Rapids in 2015. These locations are a cutting-edge integration of prevention, outreach, recovery support, treatment, and drop-in services. They provide instant access to recovery coaches and resources and are open to the community. Today, all four outpatient locations use the Recovery Center model: Clare, Gladwin, Big Rapids, and Midland.
    Also in 2015, we began embedding staff members in local hospital Emergency Departments as part of Boston Medical’s Project Assert. We were the first to bring Project Assert to Michigan.
  • 2018: Ten16 began developing a Collegiate Recovery Program (called CREW) on the campuses of Central Michigan University and Ferris State University.
  • 2020: Ten16 expanded onto the campus of its first two-year institution, Mid-Michigan College.

Our story is continuing today! We invite you to join us as we expand our services and continue bringing a message of hope, support, and recovery throughout Central Michigan.

Do you have a story of your own? Telling your story of recovery (or a loved one’s) is one of the most impactful things you can do. Bring hope to others by sharing your lived experience.

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