A different approach to recovery

We believe that lasting recovery is based on…

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None of us can do it alone! We will connect you with peers, resources, and supports.

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You deserve to live free, and our recovery approach is based on a substance-free life.

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We don’t sugarcoat things. We listen and empathize, but we also tell the truth in love.

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Our holistic approach focuses on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

At Ten16 Recovery Network, we know that you can enjoy a meaningful, drug-free life and find your place in a healthy community.

The most meaningful recovery is substance-free.

Not all drug and alcohol rehab centers in Central Michigan approach recovery in the same way. And at Ten16, we believe that true freedom is substance-free.

Our addiction treatment and recovery support programs—whether periodic counseling or inpatient drug rehab—are centered around learning how to live differently, without habit-forming substances.

Our most successful clients are those who express an authentic desire to learn how to stop drinking or using and who are willing to consider a new way to live.

It’s okay if you aren’t ready to stop all substances right now. It’s okay if you’re nervous, uncertain, or scared. We know that substance-free recovery works, and we are here to help you at every step of the way.

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Every person is unique.

While many of us struggle with substance misuse and addiction, every person’s experience is unique. We all have different histories, vulnerabilities, relationships, and traumas—all of which affect our reasons for using substances and our paths to recovery.

At Ten16, our addiction treatment programs are based on a set of universal recovery principles—but each treatment is personalized to the client. Our job is to help you find balance in all dimensions of your health and to empower you to cope with life’s challenges with more control, confidence, stability, and peace.

Whether you’re starting with inpatient rehab or outpatient counseling, we can help you move forward to freedom.

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Recovery happens in community.

No matter what you’re struggling with, you didn’t get here on your own. And you won’t get out of it alone, either! A supportive community makes all the difference to long-term recovery.

That’s why our drug and alcohol rehab programs extend beyond inpatient treatment or periodic counseling. We prioritize building sober supports in your life to help you continue moving forward—long beyond your time with us at Ten16.

Our Michigan addiction treatment programs seek to:

We also keep an open door at our free Recovery Centers in Midland, Clare, Gladwin, and Big Rapids. Stop by any time to relax in a sober, supportive environment.

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Wondering whether our drug-free approach works? Check out some of our outcomes and impact, or read what our clients are saying.