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Looking for a safe, sober, and welcoming place to go? Stop by any of Ten16’s Centers for Recovery & Wellness! These centers are free and open to anyone pursuing a live free from substances.

You are welcome any time!

Ten16’s Recovery Centers are free drop-in facilities where everyone in recovery is welcome!

Stop by, relax, use a computer, watch TV, speak with a counselor…

These centers are a safe, comfortable, free place to be with other sober people and to get resources for recovery.

Unlike traditional counseling offices that often feel impersonal and clinical, our Recovery Centers are a true community where you’re warmly welcomed without judgment.


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What's available at the Recovery Centers?

Need help with recovery? Looking for resources about substance misuse and addiction treatment?

Ten16’s Recovery Centers are here for you! We’re an open door and a go-to resource for Central Michigan residents working through recovery.

Whether you’re looking for outpatient counseling and peer support or preventative and educational resources for a loved one, you’ll always find a friendly face and a helping hand at the Recovery Center.

Throughout the week, the Center also offers recovery meetings, educational programming, forums, sharing times, addiction treatment services, and social activities. View our events to learn more!

A safe, fun & welcoming environment
  • Coffee shop
  • TV lounge & computer lab
  • Recreational spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Counselors & recovery coaches
  • Support offices

Can I just walk in and get an assessment for outpatient?

Local sites welcome individuals to walk in and receive drop-in services, which include peer supports and assistance if needed in linking to outpatient or residential services. In general, you will contact our Central Screener to determine the level of care needed and appropriate referrals. The number for this is 989-631-0241.

Does Ten16 outpatient offer telehealth or in-person sessions?

We provide both! Ten16 believes that treatment is best when individuals are involved with community. We are able to accommodate needs for telehealth on a case-by-case basis, but we do require that all individuals present in-person for their initial assessment. We find individuals experience more robust and quality treatment through engaging with others on similar journeys.

Why do you offer Recovery Centers?

At Ten16, we know that recovery works better in community. Our approach to lasting recovery relies on finding natural supports to help our clients pursue their goals of living free from alcohol and other drugs.

At the Center, you can become a part of a community in which your unique intervention and support needs can be taken care of.  The main purpose of this community is to help you build healthy habits, access helpful recovery resources, and give you support for your positive efforts. We’re here to listen, talk, and help!

Do I have to be a Ten16 client to use the Center?

No, anyone who is pursuing recovery is welcome at our Recovery Centers! You do not have to be an existing Ten16 client. When you stop by, our staff will introduce themselves and start a conversation about your recovery goals and how we might be able to help you.

The Recovery Center is open to you; no need for an appointment! If you have any questions or would just like to talk to someone, please call us at 989.631.0241 or fill out our contact form.