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Alcohol and drugs don’t exist in a vacuum. At Ten16, we work with clients’ underlying emotional or mental health struggles to help them achieve lasting recovery.

Lasting recovery & mental health go hand in hand

It may come as no surprise that a person’s struggle with alcohol or drugs may be complicated by significant emotional concerns and co-occurring mental health issues.

For Ten16, it doesn’t matter which came first—the emotional struggles or the misuse of alcohol or drugs. Both are here, and both require the proper steps toward healing.

Whether you’re needing drug and alcohol rehab, outpatient counseling, or another form of recovery support, our professional staff will help you address both at the same time.

We’ll treat you as a whole person, using an integrated approach designed to meet the needs of people early in their recovery. Our professional staff have the skills to guide you toward positive emotional, mental, and spiritual health while strengthening your recovery.

Issues we commonly see
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Post-Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Marital / family problems
  • Compulsive behaviors

Call us. We can help. We understand how these emotional issues complicate recovery.

Serving those in recovery across Mid-Michigan

Mental health is a foundational part of all Ten16’s addiction treatment and recovery support services across Central Michigan, including:

An understanding of how emotional issues complicate someone’s recovery forms the backbone of our prevention, education, advocacy, and collegiate recovery programs, too!

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Not struggling with substances?

Ten16 Recovery Network only provides mental health services to people who have a substance use disorder as a part of their history. If you are strictly seeking mental health services and do not struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, we will be glad to recommend one of the excellent providers in our community.

Let's talk about recovery & mental health

If you need help with recovery, please reach out! We can help guide you toward positive emotional and spiritual health while strengthening your recovery. Fill out this form, and we’ll call you to discuss which recovery path is best for you.