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Ten16 Recovery Network wants to have a lasting connection with the people that we work with, which is why we always follow up! Some are doing great and some are struggling, but we’re always here to show care and support.

How Ten16 clients are doing today

Here are the comments from January 2022 – July 2022 surveys, responding to the questions, “How is your life now?” and “Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your experience while in our care?”:

  • “Very happy! I am in the best place in my life. I’m walking into a year sober next month.”
  • “I’m a work in progress and continue to heal every day.”
  • “Great. I attend AA meets daily and have been having a happy life.”
  • “A lot happier lately.”
  • “Everyone I met with was amazing and helpful and made me feel safe and able to talk about the things I needed to talk about.”
  • “I’m sober for today, going on a month since my last relapse. Feeling excited again.”
  • “Ten16 is an amazing place! All of my needs and concerns were heard, and I received excellent care. I learned so much while in treatment, many tools which I still use every day. Ten16 saved my life ❤️  Thanks so much for everything!”
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The interaction, support, and follow-up is what I like best. It is really hard to interact in this same way with the doctors and nurses and feel like they care in the same way. The nurses and doctors also don’t have the ability to follow-up once we leave the hospital. Feeling supported for the last couple months has really meant a lot.

– Ten16 Client, Project ASSERT
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This is by far the best recovery housing I’ve been to.

It’s clean, we have dinner, we have bonfire meetings sometimes.

– Ten16 Client, Recovery Housing
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What I like best about CREW is the patience, encouragement, and the help in whatever it is you may need or have to do, and working with your beliefs.

– Ten16 Client, CREW Collegiate Recovery

2021 client satisfaction survey results

Whether a person is mandated to come to us or has come because they’re ready to make a change, we want everyone to have a great experience at Ten16.

We care deeply that every person who walks through our door is treated well—and it shows in our client satisfaction surveys!


Ten16 Client Satisfaction Surveys 2021

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