Our Philosophy

The game of life is not child's play!  It is hard, often filled with hurts and disappointments.  This can lead to many people trying to escape through the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.  Substance use disorders are recognized as treatable health problems affecting a person's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  There is a better way of living, a way to handle life on life's terms - both the bad and the good.  It is a journey that is best done in community, in the company of others who understand the road you are on and can help keep you on a road of recovery and wellness.

Substance use disorders are recognized as treatable health problems affecting a person's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  Whether the disorder is mild, moderate or severe, we believe that people can be helped to eliminate their harmful habits and misuse of alcohol and other drugs.  Since substance use disorders are on a continuum of severity, the services needed to address them include a range of prevention, outreach, intervention, treatment, and recovery support.  When left untreated, it is progressive and predictable in the course it will take.  However, with treatment and ongoing support, the patterns of distorted thinking and behavior associated with the disease can be changed.   It is important for Ten16 to work collaboratively with families and community partners to create an environment where more people acknowledge their struggles and seek help. 

Treatment at Ten16 is geared toward individuals who agree to an abstinence-based (substance-free) approach to recovery.  We believe that the brain, having been repeatedly altered by any substance leading to loss of control over use is at significant risk of becoming addicted to any other substance that has the potential to become habit forming.  As a result, treatment at Ten16 is geared toward learning how to live differently based upon a set of recovery principles that can be applied to any person and any substance.  Our job is to assist the willing participant in finding balance in all of the dimensions of their health. 

We believe that a successful life in recovery goes well beyond treatment, and requires on-going support to overcome the barriers one faces in early recovery.  We believe in embracing the recovery community to assist the person in forging relationships that will help them maintain their recovery.  Therefore, based on its proven success and wide availability, we strongly endorse the 12-Step process and associated support network as providing people in mid-Michigan with the best chance for sustained recovery.  By leveraging the experience, strength and hope of peers, in a variety of supportive environments, we provide individuals with the best opportunity to move forward.

Our concern extends to family members and others impacted by alcohol and other drugs.  We believe that they are inadvertent partners in this disease process and can be helped to see their role in the illness and recovery.  We are committed to helping them take care of themselves, whether their loved one is in active addiction or is moving forward in recovery.

We want everyone to live fully.  We believe the problems associated with alcohol and other drugs can be prevented.  We work with communities to create caring environments, promote wellness, and teach people to make positive, healthy choices.