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Early intervention can truly change the rest of someone’s life. If you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, please take a step today. We are here to help.

Concerned for yourself or a loved one?

Substance Use Disorders is not just a fancy word for addiction.

The term “substance use disorders” represents the full spectrum of a progressive, relapsing disease.

People can have symptoms at a mild, moderate or severe level.

Most people end up needing treatment and care at the higher level of the disorder because they put it off. They don’t think that they have a problem, or they think that they can manage it on their own.

At Ten16, we know that the earlier a budding problem is faced, the better the outcomes for the person, their loved ones, and their community.

Early intervention classes & support

Early intervention is an opportunity to work with people who are in the early stages of a substance use disorder.

Ten16 offers early intervention classes for people whose risky choices and behaviors indicate that a problem may be developing. Having been caught once or twice, they are on the wrong path.

Using a combination of education and experience, these classes are an early intervention against the factors that are putting them at risk and toward the positive steps they can take for a fuller, richer life.

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Deal with it early & change a life

It takes courage to recognize a problem and ask for help. Whether you’re looking for support for yourself or a loved one, please fill out this form. We’ll reach out within one business day.