Living the dash

Living the dash

Please enjoy an original poem from Candi Johnson, Office Manager, Gladwin & Standish

They say life goes by too fast,

Don’t blink,

No Regrets

Jump with both feet

Go faster, push harder, Live out your dreams.

We feel cheerful and triumphant as we excel and stand tall

but feel embarrassed and suffer injury to pride should we stumble and fall

We forget we are human. We forget we make mistakes.

We forget we’ve never done this before and there are lessons to take.

To take and to learn and to grow most of all

Sometimes the best kept lessons are learned after the fall.

“But what happens should I never succeed?”

I’m here to tell you, please take heed,

The measuring stick of your success

Is only yours to finesse.

But what does that mean? Society says the key to success is XYZ

But your success may instead be ABC.

What a wonderful world we get to experience

Full of mystery and awe and all sorts of merriments.

The world is our oyster should we choose to embrace it

Take up courage, be brave, stand tall and face it

No matter what tomorrow brings,

Lessons or blessings or something that falls in between,

Just know that you matter and are doing your best

And in the hustle and bustle don’t forget to rest

For people may cheer when big successes come to call

But we know joy and accomplishment is also found in moments so small

We only get two dates on our stone.

But what makes you, uniquely you

and your life your own,

cannot be found in the future or changed in the past,

but found in the present while living your dash.