Distinguished Service Award!

Distinguished Service Award!

In the realm of recovery and community support, recognition is not merely about acknowledgment; it’s about celebrating the profound impact individuals make in the lives of others. Today, Ten16 is proud to spotlight Kayleigh Gotts, Site Coordinator, CMCREW (Collegiate Recovery, Education & Wellness), a remarkable individual whose dedication to service has earned her the prestigious Distinguished Service Award from Eta Sigma Gamma at Central Michigan University (CMU).

Receiving the Distinguished Service Award from Eta Sigma Gamma is a testament to Kayleigh’s commitment and service-oriented approach. Eta Sigma Gamma, the national professional health education honorary, recognizes individuals who exemplify outstanding dedication to promoting health education, service, and advocacy. Kayleigh’s receipt of this accolade reflects her contributions to the field of public health and her relentless pursuit of creating positive change for students.

At Ten16 Recovery Network, we have had the privilege of witnessing Kayleigh’s impact firsthand. Whether she’s facilitating support groups or providing education on substance use disorders, Kayleigh’s dedication knows no bounds. Her compassion has touched the lives of so many students at CMU.

To Kayleigh Gotts, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on receiving the Distinguished Service Award from Eta Sigma Gamma. Your passion, dedication and commitment to service serve as an inspiration to us all. May your journey continue to be filled with fulfillment, purpose, and countless opportunities to positively impact the lives of others!

Check out Kayleigh’s recent interview at the student newspaper, CM Life