From Slogans to Habits

Posted by Sam Price

The 12-Step process is steeped in it's slogans.  Sometimes it can feel like they are too easily tossed around.  However, over time, when one stays committed to their practice, you learn that there is power that comes from them.  Click below to read the personal reflections of one of our staff.


The Great Race

Do you how a sprinter trains for a race?  They sprint!  They focus on getting to their goal - the finish line - as quickly as possible.  They use all their physical and mental resources to achieve their goal as quickly as possible.   If you have watched top-level sprinters on television, you can see the intensity in their faces.  They are hell-bent on staying one stride ahead of whoever is next to them.  Their muscles flex, veins pump with blood, and eyes are fixed ahead.  They do not let up for a second.   Tiny mistakes have giant consequences in a sprint race - there is very little margin for error.  What about running a marathon?