Speak up for recovery!  Most people don't understand the disease - or what it takes to find recovery.  Ten16 is bringing together people with recovering experience to promote better attitudes and policies that will make recovery a reality for more people in our community. 

It is our desire to help people find lasting recovery and for all people to live fully; free from relying on alcohol and other drugs.  By building communities that embrace wellness and recovery, we can help more of our friends and family members.  Please follow us on Facebook to track the latest news and ways that you can help.

As you are comfortable, we encourage you to lend us your voice and share your experience, strength and hope.  We understand the risks of coming forward and respect the traditions that are there to protect a person's anonymity.  Here is a brochure from the Faces & Voices of Recovery that can guide you through some of those considerations:

Advocacy with Anonymity