We still got it!

We still got it!

Ten16 extends its accreditation with CARF through April 2026

CARF found that Ten16 Recovery Network demonstrated the following strengths:

Ten16 is led by a strong and diverse Board of Directors whose members are representative of the communities and populations served.  Funding and referral sources reported that the organization provided high-quality, person-centered services and is often viewed as a provider of choice. 

Services provided by Ten16 are provided by a cohesive team of professionals whom passionate and accessible leaders lead.  The entire organization has a clear understanding of what ti is and its unique and specific vision, mission and values.  The long tenure of many employees is an organizational strength.

The organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is lead by the DEI committee, composed of various team members from throughout the organization, ensuring a healthy corporate culture and environment for persons served and employees.

The agency’s comprehensive performance appraisal system is focused on employees and provides a platform for meaningful dialogue twice a year.  Employees lead the evaluation process, with past objectives being reviewed and future goals being established for ongoing growth and improvement.

Ten16 routinely collects, analyzes and effectively uses date, including input for persons served, employees and stakeholders to improve its programming and business practices.  Outcomes are communicated and utilized at all levels of the organization.

The facilities of Tn16 are accessible, attractive, clean and well maintained.  They provide a safe, welcoming recovery environment for the persons served and their families.  They are attractive and comfortably furnished, and persons served are encouraged to drop in at any time.  Computers are provided to facilitate job searches, resume completion and other needed services.

The persons served expressed gratitude for the agency.  Some stated, “This has become my family,” “I am thankful for the staff,” and “I am so excited to be here as my life is so much better.”  Other clients shared, “I have flourished,” “I feel so proud of myself for even small accomplishments, because before, I could not allow myself to take pride in them,” and “My family has hold me this is the nicest residential program they have ever seen.”

Staff members are invested in and enthusiastic about their work.  This is demonstrated by their positive and proactive attitudes and interactions, their willingness to go the extra mile, and the thoughtfulness of the utilized interventions.  Employees stated, “This is a family,” and “It is an honor to be invited into someone’s life to work on addiction issues.”  Another employee praised the organization for its support of the employee’s career and educational goals.