The Reflection of Addiction

The Reflection of Addiction

There is power in our stories!  Please enjoy this from Kimberly H.

As the morning awaits a new day, I reflect upon the broken image staring back at me from the mirror.

Silence plagues my existence of the insignificant shadow that unwillingly looks back at me.

Lost in thoughts so dark that memories become distant fragments of doom and regret.

How did this unrelenting shadow before me appear?  When did my light fade into the darkness?

With reflection, I am left with tidbits of unbearable memories of so much loss, overwhelmed with grief.

What once was hope and excitement has been completely replaced with despair and worry.

What does tomorrow bring to this mind so cluttered in darkness? Is there a foreseeable future of hope?

Or am I destined to fade into the mere existence of my past indiscretions so easily forgotten?

Has my addiction consumed me to the point of no return?

Have I traveled down a road with a steep cliff awaiting my arrival?

Or do I possess the will and fortitude to fight back and regain self-control?

Becoming once again a vibrant contributing member of society?

The crossroad is upon me. How will I react?

Am I strong enough? Do I have the fortitude to overcome this darkness?

Am I finally tired of succumbing to the demons that haunt my every thought?

Do I have the will to survive this evil that has consumed my entire existence?

I stand before the mirror, not liking what I see as my reflection.

So, I will dig deep into my own inner soul to ask for the strength to overcome this evil.

And I will seek the help needed to willingly surrender to my desire to live again free from worry and despair,

In, realizing that I am not alone, and will openly embrace the support which stands with me with no fear.

Today I stand weak, alone, vulnerable, and broken, with nothing but hope to look forward to.

And I will humbly accept my recovery as my last chance to survive my fate.

So as tomorrow dawns, I can be strong, vibrant, and a contributing member of my community,

To extend my hand of hope, experience, and strength to the next soul that questions the reflection in the mirror.