Take the First Step

When a person is ready to talk about their alcohol or drug use, it can feel scary.  It can feel embarrassing. Talking with someone who understands Substance Use Disorders is the best place to start.  Call Ten16.  We are ready to hear their story.

Picking up the phone is one of the most courageous thing a person can do!  We don't automatically assume that the people who contact us are an addict or an alcoholic.  We are here to help, not judge.  Our professional staff can sort through the critical details of the story to get an accurate picture of what is going on in the person's life.  With the right information, we can put together the right type of plan of care, determine the next steps and get someone the help they need.  That usually means setting up an appointment for a professional assessment.

Our assessment process is personalized based on what we think is in the person's best interest, based on what they share with us at the time.  An assessment is used to identify the potential barriers to someone's recovery, as well as identifying a person's strengths to promote change, growth and embrace abstinence.  Evaluations are done at detox, residential and our outpatients programs.  Regardless where a person starts, we will provide an accurate diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan, and recommendations for after-care. 

Call 877.838.8759 and follow the prompts to find the location or program that might be serve your needs. 

Not sure if there is a problem?

There are two simple questions that can help give a person idea whether there is an issue for alcohol or drug abuse:

  • In the last year, have you ever drunk or used drugs (either prescription medications or street drugs) more than you meant to?
  • Have you felt you wanted or needed to cut down on your drinking or drug use in the last year?

If a person answered Yes to both questions, there is a strong probability that there is a problem.

*The two question quiz is based on the TICS substance use disorder screening tool.