Residential Campus Improvements

Residential Campus Improvements

We are honored to announce that Ten16 Recovery Network’s Residential Expansion Project has been selected for inclusion in Representative Dan Kildee’s Community Project Funding initiative in new federal funding requests. This significant milestone underscores the importance of our mission to provide comprehensive support and resources for individuals on their path to recovery.

About the Community Project Funding Initiative

Representative Dan Kildee’s Community Project Funding initiative seeks to allocate federal resources to vital community projects that address critical needs and foster local development in the next budget appropriation.

Ten16 Recovery Network’s Residential Expansion Project

Our Residential Expansion Project is designed to enhance our capacity to serve individuals needing residential treatment for substance use disorders. If funded, it would be used to expand the Network’s residential substance use disorder treatment services by making critical infrastructure improvements to its facility, including new programming for pregnant women and mothers with infants, adding a 6-bed step-down unit to support patients’ transition out of treatment, and constructing a multi-purpose activity center.

A Message from President/CEO Sam Price:

“Congressman Kildee’s dedication to our mission is truly valued. His unwavering commitment to securing these funds reflects his profound understanding of the significance of addressing substance use disorders and supporting individuals on the path to recovery. We are incredibly thankful for his advocacy and collaboration. Congressman Kildee has consistently championed community health and well-being, and his endorsement of Ten16 Network underscores his commitment to fostering positive change. His tireless efforts ensure that organizations like ours can continue to provide essential services that foster recovery and resilience.”

Impact on the Community

Including our project in the Community Project Funding initiative is a testament to the vital role Ten16 Recovery Network plays in addressing substance use disorders in our community. The expansion will enable us to provide more comprehensive and accessible care, ultimately improving the lives of individuals and families affected by addiction. More details will be shared as the project moves forward in the appropriations process.