Breaking the Cycle of a Generational Curse

Breaking the Cycle of a Generational Curse

Please enjoy this moving poem from Liv

As I add more years to my lifetime, I find myself discovering the answers I’ve been searching for.

My ability to understand the generational curse my ancestors had passed down was to take on the biggest challenge of my 23 years of life.

Attending a college university, 191 miles away from home with a child under the age of two. Battling my addictions and demons along the way.

I found myself following the vicious cycle of never-ending self-hatred, lack of mindfulness, and awareness of my actions that spiraled me back into my addictions.

Hitting rock bottom, I turned to the one thing I was preached to NEVER do. Walking through the doors and sitting down face to face with a therapist.

I crawled into that room waving the white flag in hopes I could be saved from what I was afraid could be the dead end to this road. But the first session left me with a sense of direction.

Leaving the first session, I was in shock. The amount of puzzle pieces I acquired after that ONE session gave me motivation to go back every week to complete the puzzle and see the bigger picture.

It all started by noticing my habits and how they reflected on my child. As I learned new coping mechanisms from therapy, I applied them to my principles of raising my daughter and was amazed by the change in her reactions towards me.

Finally, I had been given the tools I’ve been longing for to build my daughter the stable, loving, and caring environment I’ve been longing for.

Although only half the puzzle is completed, I found I must heal myself first, in order to save my daughter from ever touching the surface of this generational curse.