A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Ten16 partners with the Chippewa Nature Center to add forest therapy to the residential experience!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Ten16 Recovery Network and the Chippewa Nature Center. Together, we are creating a forest therapy trail within the serene 12 acres of woodland behind our residential facility. This initiative underscores our commitment to holistic recovery, embracing the healing power of nature as a vital component of our therapeutic offerings.

About the Forest Therapy Trail

Nestled in the lush, tranquil woods behind our facility, the forest therapy trail will provide a peaceful retreat for our residents. This carefully designed path will offer a space for reflection, meditation, and connection with nature, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

Key Features:

  • Guided Nature Walks: These walks will help residents engage with the environment mindfully.
  • Mindfulness Stations: Strategically placed throughout the trail, these stations will offer prompts and practices to encourage mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Educational Signage: Informative signs about the local flora and fauna will foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world that can be used metaphorically to tap into essential recovery skills and insights.
  • Seating Areas and Fire Pit: Comfortable benches and a fire pit will provide spots for fellowship, sharing, reflection, and contemplation.

Benefits of Forest Therapy

Research has shown that spending time in nature can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Forest therapy, or “shinrin-yoku,” which translates to “forest bathing,” harnesses these benefits by immersing individuals in a natural setting. The practice has been linked to improved mood, enhanced cognitive function, and a stronger sense of connection to the world around us.

A Message from Our Partners

“Our collaboration with Ten16 is a testament to the power of nature in fostering recovery and wellness,” said Dennis Pilaske, Executive Director of Chippewa Nature Center. “We are proud to bring our expertise in environmental education and nature therapy to support Ten16’s residents’ healing journey.”

Looking Ahead

The forest therapy trail is set to open this fall, with a grand opening event planned to celebrate this milestone. Residents, staff, and community members will be invited to explore the trail, participate in guided walks, and learn more about the benefits of forest therapy.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to participate in this transformative project. Your support, whether through volunteering, donations, or simply spreading the word, can help us create a nurturing environment for those on the path to recovery. LINK