A Life in Recovery

A Life in Recovery

Please enjoy a poem from Scott Winkle, CREW Site Coordinator, Ferris State University

At five years in recovery, he stood tall and brave,

A survivor of a journey no one would crave.

He battled addiction, an endless fight,

With every sunrise, and every night.

The drugs that once ruled him, now were gone,

But memories and scars lingered on.

With each passing day, he found a way,

To face the demons that made him stray.

He learned to live without the high,

And embrace the joys that money couldn’t buy.

A walk in the park, a smile from a friend,

Simple pleasures, on which he learned to depend.

He found solace in church, and his higher power,

And the strength to face each passing hour.

He made amends for past mistakes,

And found forgiveness, with every step he takes.

The road to recovery, was long and tough,

But with each passing day, he knew that he was enough.

He found a life, that was once unknown,

And a love for himself, that had never been shown.

Finally at five years in recovery, he stood tall and proud,

A fighter of addiction, and a survivor of the crowd.

He learned to live, and he learned to love,

And thanked God above, for the strength he was given from above.