We at Ten16 believe that addiction is a family disease and that the effects of substance use disorders are far reaching and deeply rooted.  We are committed to helping families better understand the disease, and to assist in providing opportunities for education, healing and restoration.  In keeping with our passion, we have incorporated Family Clinical Day into our schedule to be more intentional about our efforts in this area.

Family Clinical Day is a day set aside on alternate Wednesdays for one family member to come to the facility and participate in a day of services designed specifically for them.  The participating family member is selected by the client in consultation with their therapist.  Family members are selected based upon appropriateness and opportunity to support the client in their transition back home.  Family members may not "request? to participate in Family Day, but must be invited by their loved one (the client in our care).  This is not intended to be exclusive.  However, we wish to assist our clients in making decisions that will give them the best change at long term recovery.  We believe so strongly in the importance of family involvement in the recovery process, we have made Family Clinical Day a mandatory part of the treatment process for our clients.  Each client in our care will be expected to make provisions for Family Clinical Day at the beginning of treatment.  We reserve the right to restrict general visitation on Sunday for any client who opts not to participate as required.

The simple fact that you are reading this information is a good indication that you want to be a source of support for your loved one.  We appreciate your willingness to consider how you might play a positive role in the recovery process.

If you have questions or concerns about the visitation policy or procedures, you may contact our Residential Services Director, Holli Carter, at (989)835-3466 to address them.