Collegiate Recovery

Helping students grow in recovery & academic success.

Working in partnership with Central Michigan University, Ten16 has established CMCREW - Central Michigan Collegiate Recovery, Education & Wellness.  This innovative initiative offers a comprehensive response to the issues of alcohol and other drugs on the campus of CMU and to students living in the community.  It integrates a collection of prevention, early intervention, treatment and peer support activities; making them available to all students, regardless of whether they have a mild, moderate or severe substance use disorder, in early or established recovery.  Located in Robinson Hall on CMU's campus, CMCREW offers a range of drop-in services to anyone with questions, struggles or is need of a safe environment to strengthen their recovery and maintain their academic performance. 

CMCREW offers the following services:

  • Student Evaluations - One-on-one evaluation with a CMCREW staff member to evaluate a student's alcohol and drug use.  Based on their results, students will receive feedback and recommendations for additional services.
  • Education Classes - A range of class offerings for students whose behaviors may indicated a developing problem.  Using a mix of the most recent research, education and experience, the classes act as an early intervention for students at risk, while providing actions steps for better decisions.
  • Recovery Coaching - One-on-one meetings with a certified Recovery Coach to help develop a student recovery plan and learn clear steps to move forward.
  • Peer-led Support Groups - An informal gathering of students sharing experiences and effective strategies with one another; the ups & the downs, what is working and what is not. 

To get in contract with the staff at CMCREW, you can connect with them in the following ways:

CMU Website



 COMING SOON!  FS/CREW - In the fall of 2018, Ten16 is launching a new partnership with Ferris State University to bring the CREW model to their campus!  More details in the coming future.