On the Move

Just like the road to recovery, sometimes there are unexpected bumps along the way.  Turns you didn't expect.  Roads you didn't imagine going down till you upon a detour.  Last year, Ten16 learned we needed to re-locate from the Strosacker Center - a location we had been at since 2003.  So we started looking.  First at rental options, but there was nothing big enough to accommodate the Recovery Center and the Admin Office.  Then we started considering renovation projects.  A couple of options fell through, so we expanded our vision, started dreaming of a new building and ended up buying the vacant lot at 133 N Saginaw Rd, on the Circle.


Recovery Maintenance 101

If you want to keep your recovery running strong, you need to take the same approach a mechanic would take when tuning up a car.

If you don't fix the small leaks, rattles, and squeaks when they pop up, you're going to find yourself broken down somewhere down the road.  Remember that a tiny drip becomes a drop.  A drop becomes a tiny puddle, and before you know it you'll be spewing oil everywhere wondering what happened.

Catch the small problems in your recovery when they're small.  Don't put things off. 

Remember: Diagnose, Repair, Maintain.

All this is pretty simple.

Within this article, you will find a 10 point recovery checklist which will be your guide to keep your recovery running strong and out of the repair shop.