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"Wanted - a Higher Power.  Must love dogs and enjoy walking in the rain, candlelight dinners and romantic movies." 

"The nature of our belief will determine the manner of our prayers & meditation."
A Personal Reflection on entries from Just for Today
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Basic Text, p. 44

How do we pray?  For each NA member, this is a deeply personal matter.   Many of us find that, over time, we develop a manner of prayer and meditation based on what we learn from others and what we are comfortable with.   Some of us arrive in NA with a closed mind toward a Power greater than ourselves.  But when we sit down with our sponsor and discuss our difficulty, looking at the Second Step in depth, we are pleased to find that we can choose any concept of a Higher Power that appeals to us.

Just as our definition of a Power greater than ourselves differs from addict to addict, so does our manner of achieving a "conscious contact."  Some attend religious services; some chant; some sit quietly or talk with whatever is out there; some find a spiritual connection by communing with nature.  The "right way" to pray and meditate is whatever may help us improve our conscious contact with our own Higher Power.

Asking others how they found their spiritual guidance is always a good place to begin.  Reading literature before we enter periods of meditation can also help us.  Many have gone before us on this search.  As we seek spiritual growth, we can greatly benefit from their experience.

Just for today:  I will explore my options for improving my conscious contact with the God of my understanding.

Personal Reflection:

At an Open Speaker meeting at Ten16 Residential almost five years ago (back in the old house near downtown Midland), I remember a woman speaker who said something about her Higher Power that really spoke to me.  Personally, I have always struggled with this aspect of the program, but this woman's words gave me some real inspiration and hope.

She said that when she first started attending 12-step meetings, she did not have any idea what she really believed regarding God, and didn't know how to make that work for her own recovery.  Someone told her that her Higher Power could be whatever she wanted it to be - so she thought about what she would want her Higher Power to be.  She then proceeded to tell us some of the things that she would need from her Higher Power.  "My Higher Power would definitely need to have a sense of humor.  And be available 24/7, whenever I need him.  And be caring, compassionate, understanding and willing to listen."

She went on to describe a process of writing a classified ad for a Higher Power, the way that, in the old days of newspapers, people would write ads in the "Personals" section to try and find someone to date.  "Wanted - a Higher Power.  Must love dogs and enjoy walking in the rain, candlelight dinners and romantic movies."  Etc. 

If you require that your Higher Power has a sense of humor, does that mean that God has a sense of humor?  Well, God is omniscient and omnipotent, right?  He knows everything and can do anything.  So, whether or not you believe in God, and whether or not God is your Higher Power, it is fair to expect your Higher Power to have a sense of humor.  And to be available 24/7.  And to be strong and caring and compassionate and a good listener.

Personally, I am a cat person more than a dog person - and I want my Higher Power to relate to me on this, so my Higher Power is also a cat person more than a dog person.  Is God more a cat person or a dog person?  Maybe that is for you to decide, when you work on how to let your Higher Power help you in your recovery.

My Higher Power loves jazz music, historical fiction and cats.


Mark Dutcher

Mark Dutcher is a Client Support Specialist at the detox and residential programs.
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