Throwing a Curveball

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In late September 2015, CC Sabathia, pitcher for the New York Yankees, made the courageous choice to leave his team during the play-offs to get help for his alcoholism.  Brave, but rare!  Only 10% of those people who struggle with alcohol and other drugs seek professional help.  In an effort to help some of the missing 90%, Ten16 Recovery Network is taking a bold step to re-invent its community services by opening the Center for Recovery and Wellness. 

This is a new community program for anyone who wants help during the recovery process or needs information about substance use disorders, addiction and recovery.  Staffed by people who have experienced recovery first hand, the Center offers drop-in services and scheduled programs.  Each center will have a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with casual space like a coffee shop, TV lounge and computer lab.  Plus there will be traditional meeting rooms, counseling and support offices.  Recovery meetings, educational programming, sharing times, treatment services and social activities will be scheduled throughout the week.  It is a place where everyone can come together in a space that is safe, fun and where recovery is supported. 

By integrating prevention, outreach, early intervention, counseling and a range of peer support services, the Center for Recovery & Wellness would help people develop a clear vision of a better way of living and be given the opportunity to master the proven steps needed to make that vision a reality.  "We think this is a game-changer for our communities.  When you call, you can talk with a Recovery Coach, a person in long-term recovery who understands the journey, " says Sam Price, President/CEO.  "You can stop in at any time and talk with someone.  The coffee is on at 8 AM!"

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