On the Move

Posted by Sam Price

Just like the road to recovery, sometimes there are unexpected bumps along the way.  Turns you didn't expect.  Roads you didn't imagine going down till you upon a detour.  Last year, Ten16 learned we needed to re-locate from the Strosacker Center - a location we had been at since 2003.  So we started looking.  First at rental options, but there was nothing big enough to accommodate the Recovery Center and the Admin Office.  Then we started considering renovation projects.  A couple of options fell through, so we expanded our vision, started dreaming of a new building and ended up buying the vacant lot at 133 N Saginaw Rd, on the Circle.


Thanks to the generous support of the local foundations and generous benefactors, we have plans for a new 7,500 square foot facility that would greatly expand Ten16's Center for Recovery and Wellness.  As we are finalizing the funding to build our new home.  In the interim, the Recovery Center will be operating out of a 3, 600 sq ft modular office at our new location.  We'll be open for business during the week of October 1st.  The nice thing about that arrangement is that we can keep providing services to the community, while they build the new place right next door.

Ten16's Admin Office also had to move, but there wasn't enough room on the site.  They are going to be moving to the lower level of the Renewal Christian Counseling office building, 5816 Eastman Avenue.  Ten16 is grateful for their offer to take us in for this period of time.

It has been an interesting journey to our new home so far!  Been some places we never expected, but are learning many lessons along the way.  Finding gratitude in all circumstance, and isn't that what it is all about? 

If everything falls into place, we hope to break ground for the new building in January 2019 with the hope to be done by July.  Thanks for supporting us along the way!


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