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Problems with alcohol and other drugs are complicated.  They are hard to understand.  They can lead to hopelessness.  Substance use disorders affects 10% of adults.  Like many other medical conditions, the earlier it is addressed, the easier it can be treated.  Ten16 Recovery Network offers FREE consultation times when you can meet with the clinical staff to get your questions answered about:

•  Signs and symptoms of a substance use disorder

•  Alcohol and drug information

•  Support options

•  Treatment / Intervention options

Our trained clinical staff are here for you.  Addiction is a disease that not only impacts the person who uses, but also those who care the most about them.  We can provide you information, skills and support to help you move forward with hope.  Confidential help is a phone call away - schedule an appointment today!

Every Monday; 5 - 7 PM  (by appointment only)
Residential Facility
1213 Isabella Rd (M20), Midland
989.835.3466 or 800.835.5611
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