Our Vision and Values

At Ten16 Recovery Network, we are passionate about helping people live full lives; free from relying on alcohol and other drugs.  This is why we do everything that we do.  We know that when people, discontent in their present situation, are equipped to take the proven steps toward a better way of living that real change is possible.  Therefore, no matter how alcohol and other drugs are impacting a community or person's life, we will strive to have effective programs that activate positive change.

Vision statement (Why we do what we do):  You can enjoy a meaningful, drug-free life and find your place in a healthy community.

Mission Statement (How we do what we do):  You can transform your pain into purpose as we walk with you through your hurt in the safety of a resilient, healing community. 

Implementation Statement (What we do):  We promote recovery and wellness at every stage of substance misuse through shared experience, proven steps, and supportive accountability. 

Core Values:  Ten16 Recovery Network has high expectations!  For the people we serve and for ourselves.  All that we do is passionately driven by three essential core values.  They define why we do what we do, who we are, how we work and how we want everyone to live.

  1. Live with Authenticity - Be real.  Genuine.  It means that the things we say and the things we do line up with what we believe.  Those should always be in alignment, regardless of the setting.  Whether we are at work or at home, in the classroom or at the mall, we should be the same person.  No secrets.  No fluff.  We will only trust those that we believe to be real.  Sometimes that leads to saying and doing things that aren't popular or easy, but it is the right thing.  That is what caring for people, whether staff or clients, truly looks and feels like.
  2. Do the Next Right Thing - Not the easy thing.  Not the safest thing.  The next right thing.  To do that, you have to look long-term.  How will this choice, this statement, this moment help someone really embrace life on life's terms?  It can be a challenge.  We don't always look down the road.  You have to slow do and think it through.  When you do and do it with authenticity, most of the time you will make the right choice.  If not, you must step back, make amends and learn from it.
  3. Move Forward - Insight without action is dead.  We all know our weaknesses, our hurts, the things that get in the way of our happiness - at work and in life.  What do you do with that?  Every day, we ask people to take a hard look at their life, the choices they are making, and how they are letting unhealthy habits keep them from living their best.  We hold ourselves to the same standard.  We can't ask the people we serve to do something we aren't willing to do ourselves.  Professionally, we can't rely on the same techniques and our own experience.  There are continuous improvements in the field that are more effective.  Personally, we all must be willing to keep growing, trying to get better, working our own program toward wellness.