Recovery Benefits

There are many reasons why we want someone to find lasting recovery.  It is not just about the personal growth that they experience or the healing that can come to a family.  Recovery is more than learning how to stop using alcohol and other drugs as way to escape the difficulties of life.  It is about learning a better way of living, of accepting life on life's terms and doing the next right thing.  It is about not only being a contributing member of my community again, it is also about giving back.  These are people who have a lot to offer our community and do! Check it out!

In 2013, Faces and Voices in Recovery conducted a national survey among those in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder.  As you will see in the chart below, those folks who are in active recovery are no different that you or I in many key areas like gainful employment, health insurance and arrests.  And, in fact, people in long-term recovery put regular folks to shame in how well they manage their financial responsibilities and volunteer in their communities!   They quietly go about the business of their lives, and make all of ours better.