What People Are Saying

Ten16 Recovery Network wants to have a lasting connection with the people that we work with.  We want to make sure that they are doing well, moving forward. We contact them 90 days after they have left our care to see how they are doing.  A strong recovery is about coping with the joys and pain of life - on life's terms.  Facing it head on, without turning to drugs or alcohol.  For some, things are great.  For others, it is slowly coming together.  Some are still struggling - and if that is the case, we reach out to them.  We will always be here for support.   See what they are saying!

An important factor to consider is that 85% of relapses happen within 90 days after someone leaves treatment.  As a chronic, relapsing disease that someone is learning to manage, it might happen.  It is not just about whether someone has been able to stay clean/sober during that time period, equally as important is whether a person who suffers a relapse is able to get back to a recovering lifestyle; have the learned to use the tools that they were equipped with during their time with Ten16.

Here are the comments that from the last round of surveys, responding to the question, “How is your life now?”:

  • Life is better than I deserve.  Happy and sober - just for today!

  • Really good and improving each and every day.  I love who I am as a sober man now.  I have a new life and a whole new way of looking at everything in it.  Thank you for your services.

  • I'm still struggling pretty bad, but I have decided to get involved in NA/AA again and that seems to be helping.

  • It's better now than it has been in years.  I'm working steady.  I spend everyday with my wife and my beautiful daughter.  My wife and I are expecting a baby soon.  Being clean and sober, I am confident I can give my baby a great new life.

  • It is just great!  I am happy doing everything right, making all the right choices, staying out of trouble with the law.  Working on more roots that I can handle.  Other than that, life is good.  All praise is due to God.  Peace be with you.  Thank you for caring.

  • It is getting better daily, but still having to deal with consequences of my actions when I was using.

  • My life is okay.  It will get better with time and hard work.

  • I attend AA every day and have made a lot of new and sober friends.  I am working the steps to recovery.

  • My life is 100% better.  I look at things differently and can cope with my emotions a lot easier.

  • Struggling for some serenity.

  • Decent, a lot of self work.  Lack of reliance on others.  Stressed a lot.  But I use the tools I learned to accept or change things, instead of drinking.  Life never stops, never lets up.  No point in making it worse with using.

  • I especially like my counselor.  She helped my believe that not only another addict can help get and keep a person sober, but that a professional can be a great stepping stone for a clean and sober life.  I am so glad that I came here.  Thank you all very, very much!