The main outcome that people want to know about our programs is our "success rate."  Success is a relative term when you are dealing with a chronic, relapsing disease. Instead of a success rate, we focus on completion rate.  This is more than if they attended the right number of classes or days of treatment.  Rather, it is looking at whether or not the person completed the goals they set for themselves while they are participating in our treatment programs.  The majority of the time, all of our treatment programs exceed the national average.

There is research that shows that it, on average, it takes an addict or alcoholic 8 years and 3 - 5 visits to treatment before they are able to get one year of continuous sobriety.  This is not meant to discourage people, but to paint a realistic picture of recovery as a process.  It is a journey, not a destination.   Don't be fooled in thinking that one visit to treatment is going to be the instant cure. There are a lot of factors that determine whether someone maintains long-term recovery, including:

  • Physical and mental health
  • A good job
  • Safe housing
  • Social & emotional support from family, friends & peers
  • Positive leisure activities
  • Meaning & purpose in life