Recovery Works


The main outcome that people want to know about our programs is our "success rate."  Success is a relative term when you are dealing with a chronic, relapsing disease. Instead of a success rate, we focus on completion rate.  This is more than if they attended the right number of classes or days of treatment.  Rather, it is looking at whether or not the person completed the goals they set for themselves while they are participating in our treatment programs.  The majority of the time, all of our treatment programs exceed the national average.

What People Are Saying

Ten16 Recovery Network wants to have a lasting connection with the people that we work with.  We want to make sure that they are doing well, moving forward. We contact them 90 days after they have left our care to see how they are doing.  A strong recovery is about coping with the joys and pain of life - on life's terms.  Facing it head on, without turning to drugs or alcohol.  For some, things are great.  For others, it is slowly coming together.  Some are still struggling - and if that is the case, we reach out to them.  We will always be here for support.   See what they are saying!

Recovery Benefits

There are many reasons why we want someone to find lasting recovery.  It is not just about the personal growth that they experience or the healing that can come to a family.  Recovery is more than learning how to stop using alcohol and other drugs as way to escape the difficulties of life.  It is about learning a better way of living, of accepting life on life's terms and doing the next right thing.  It is about not only being a contributing member of my community again, it is also about giving back.  These are people who have a lot to offer our community and do! Check it out!