Here to Help

People can experience negative consequences because of their alcohol or drug use.  Sometimes you catch it early.  Other times, it is a crisis.  Regardless of how alcohol and other drugs are impacting your life, Ten16 offers effective programs that activate positive change. 

Ways We Can Help


Take the First Step

When a person is ready to talk about their alcohol or drug use, it can feel scary.  It can feel embarrassing. Talking with someone who understands Substance Use Disorders is the best place to start.  Call Ten16.  We are ready to hear their story.


Family Resources

If your loved one is struggling with alcohol and other drugs, then you need help too.  Please know that there are a lot of good resources available to connect you with a understanding support network of your own and to teach you about the disease and the recovery process.


Links to Meetings

We believe that a successful life in recovery goes well beyond treatment, and requires on-going support to overcome the barriers one faces in early recovery.  By embracing this recovery community, a person is forging relationships that will help them maintain their recovery and keep moving forward. 


Recovery Resources

Addiction is a daily journey.  It requires a commitment to use the tools, develop the habits and maintain a connection with the people, places and things that can help you live free from alcohol and other drugs.  Here are some additional resources the might be helpful!