Ten16 Recovery Network is looking for people that believe what we believe and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Skills can be taught, but passion comes from within.  We are very selective about who we invite to team with us.  All of our positions provide value in helping us transform people and communities.  If this describes you, then consider joining our team!  Ten16 Recovery Network is an equal opportunity employer.

Our current job openings include:

Wellness Counselor - Midland, MI

Student Site Coordintator - Ferris CRW - Big Rapids, MI

Director of Community Engagement - Midland County

Outpatient Therapist - Gladwin County

Wellness Advocate - Clare/Gladwin Counties

Residential Therapist - Midland, MI

Wellness Advocate - Clare/Gladwin, MI

QRT Coordinator - Saginaw, MI


Thanks for your interest in joining the Ten16 family.

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